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With the benefit of a hot and cold water cooler, we offer various drinks.

Cadbury's Hot Chocolate, Nescafe Coffee, Tetley Tea, etc.

This are all packed in sleeves of 25.

We also offer a selection of soups, e.g.

Chicken, Oxtail, Minestrone, tomato, vegetable and more

Plastic Cup

7oz Plastic Cups

A quality cup that is embossed with an impressive cup design and these carry a crystal blue colour. These cups are packed in boxes of 1500 or sleeves of 100.
Hot Drinks Plastic Cup

7 oz Plastic Hot Cups

Boxes of 2000.

Cone Cups -

The cup you can't put down! Eliminates mess and saves on water. These cups are packed in boxes of 5000.

Cooler Clean Spray

To keep your taps germ free.


1 litre bottles of Robinsons squash, sugar sachets, stirrers, cup holders and trays etc


Holds 175 In-cup drinks. Free vend.


Available to hold 3, 4 or 6 bottles

Bottle Covers

Protects your water from direct sunlight

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